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Nature:Ski, Hiking…

Wonderful nature

Visiting tourist spots and cities in Japan is great!

But how about taking a break in the wonderful nature of Japan and take time to refresh yourself?

We can help you with that!

Northern Alps

Northern Alps are easy to access from Tokyo, and it’s one of the beautiful places to enjoy skiing in winter and hiking in summer. There is plenty of ski resorts and of course natural hot springs as well.

You can’t imagine how good it feels to bathe in hot springs after an exhausting day of skiing or snowboarding!


Another place we can recommend is Hokkaido, northernmost of Japan’s four main islands.

In summer it’s full of wide-open natural spaces, and the weather is usually milder, almost feels like another country to explore!

In winter it’s covered with its famous powder snow -known for being one of the best in the world- so it’s the best for skiing and snowboarding.

Niseko is particularly famous and people come from all around the world to savor powder snow skiing.

Thematic travel

cherry blossom or autumn leaves viewing, city tours, gastronomic tours, izakaya tours, hands-on experiences…

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cherry blossom

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autumn leaves

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city tours

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Of course, nature is not the only thing you can enjoy in Japan!

Activities, hands-on experience, little‐known good spots, fine food etc.

So much fun things are waiting for you!

We want to offer you special and high-quality experiences that we selected carefully, like private hands-on experience that you can enjoy at your own pace, restaurants and izakaya loved by local people, trending gastronomy, trips to small charming villages, outdoor yoga etc.

We want you to be able to enjoy your trip with all of your 5 senses.

Custom Made

Do you want to be able to decide all the details of your trip, travel using a particular means of transportation, do what you like, visit where you like? For solo travelers, groups or clubs, we can make your own tour with a specialized guide and adjust everything to your needs so you can appreciate a trip made just for you ! Let’s enjoy Japanese culture-centered trips and discover Japanese culture more deeply.

We will support you to realize your dream travel!

Here is what we can arrange for you:

What’s your type?

We can prepare one-day spot trip as well as all-included tours all around Japan, or accommodation only, transportation only or introducing you to local guides, you decide!

We already have experience to prepare all types of travels for groups or individuals in Europe until now, you can trust our experience!

Euro inc.Who are we ?

We are a tour operator who is being preparing tours in Europe, specialized in ski and hiking for more than 20 years. Lately we opened 2 guesthouses in Japan (Niseko, Azumino).

Our staffs include 2 ski instructors; including one having a certificate of France National Ski Instructor, so if you want to try skiing for the first time or perfect your skiing skills, don’t hesitate to ask us!

We can assist you for your travel, not only around nature but for any trips as you wish. We will use our experience to make the best trip for you! Both English and French are available so, feel free to contact us!

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